Specializing in Neurological Conditions & Disorders

Tampa Neurology Associates' role is to give professional advice to doctors and patients regarding Neurological problems such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Migraines, and Parkinson's disease.

The Physicians of Tampa Neurology Associates
Pictured from left to right: Dr. Linga V. Reddy, Dr. Sunil S. Reddy, Dr. Sherley Valdez Arroyo, Dr. Stephen Sergay, Dr. Susan Steen, Dr. Mark C. Cascione


A neurologist is a Physician who has specialized medical training in disorders of the nervous system. Each physician cares for his or her own patients. Routine appointments will always be scheduled with your physician. If a problem occurs when your doctor is not on call, you will be seen by one of the other physicians. We will ensure that you will resume your care with your original physician as soon as possible.

Office Visits:

  • Your initial history and physical consultation is given the utmost time and care by your physician.
  • We will review all past history, laboratory tests and complete a thorough neurological examination.
  • If you are referred by a physician, a complete report will be sent to your doctor.
  • Your follow up visits will consist of a review of your condition, test results and medications.
  • Therefore, a complete list of all medications you are taking should always be brought with you to each visit.

Patient Responsibility:

Patients often assume that they will hear from us if their test results are abnormal. However, lab results often do not reach this office as a result of mailing delays, lab errors, etc. For this reason, if you don't hear from us, it does not necessarily mean that your test results are normal.

If you would like your test information on the telephone prior to visiting the office, please call 5 or 6 days after having the test performed. If possible, you will be given an impression of your lab data over the telephone.